Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela - definitely a seed for peace

Nelson Mandela has finally gone Home, free from Earthly shackles. What a difference that man has made on the planet and to the lives of so many - with his struggles against apartheid, his prison term, his presidency and development of a new South Africa.
His work and words for peace will still continue to make that difference.
I remember picketing South African wines in front of a liquor store in Ontario when I wasn't even old enough to drink. We were protesting the apartheid movement - a group spearheaded by a fascinating fellow - Usi Ndugu - I think that's how it's spelled - meaning Black Brother?
People coming in and out of the liquor store were quite hostile.
One of those memories that sticks with me even now.
And so as the years passed apartheid was removed and South Africa became its own country. With Nelson Mandela a new country was formed. And while his words and actions helped so many, there are still difficulties for the poor and underprivileged as there are around the world. I don't think there is a single county on this planet that doesn't have this problem. Please enlighten me if there is.
So to all in South Africa, I join you in your prayers of keeping Nelson Mandela in the light in his transition from this life to the next. And to his family members and all who knew him, peace.
Maybe one day all that he spoke of will truly happen - peace on this planet. Imagine!
Nelson Mandela - a seed, like the story and song One Seed,  who grew when others said it was impossible and couldn't be done, a seed who shed more seeds that have grown around the world.
Blessings and Peace be with you

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