Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kids Art for the One Seed Kids Art Gallery

What a delight it has been this year to receive so many works of art from children of various cultures, and from as far away as India. I even received a package with original drawings from children in the MAYA school in Dearborn, Michigan, in the United States. Every drawing is a wonderful creation and delight to see.
I just returned from the launch of my latest endeavour, "A Song to Remember - 45th Anniversary Memoirs", featuring the voices of the British Columbia Boys Choir. It is a book telling the story of  the choir and how it has influenced the lives of almost 1000 boys in those 45 years, boys who went on to become successful businessmen, professional entertainers, lawyers, singers, and more. It was a wonderful experience to meet many of the 'old boys' who have contributed to the book.
Upon my arrival home last night I see there are drawings from Spain and Ireland, sent by teachers, to be added to the One Seed Kids Art Gallery. Thank you - I shall be getting to them this week.
I just wish I could be in the class rooms and see the faces of the children when they see their art on the internet.
Thank you so much, all the teachers, parents and children who have participated to date.

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