Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mind control and Internet, iPhones and more

Ever since I first hooked up to Internet I've thought about this. I was very reluctant to get 'hooked' as it were, and then found myself getting into the habit of checking e-mails every morning... and still do.


I can't quite get into the iPhone scene, or Smart Phone, or Smart anything. My Smart Meter for electricity is shut off and has to be read by a meter reader (which costs an extra $9 per month), and I use a land line telephone, which is very beneficial when power goes out... it still works, especially when using an old phone that doesn't require power.

I notice young people constantly with their heads down. I wonder if in the future they will suffer from physical conditions in the upper shoulders and neck, like a rounding of the shoulders... time will tell.
I have witnessed the distraction of social media, how people are constantly checking their iPhones, or talking on them wherever they are.

I have a phone at home, wired. When I am out and about I feel a freedom, one that used to be considered 'normal'. If a person needs to reach me, they can call my phone and leave a message on what is now called 'voice mail', which used to just be called an 'answering machine'.

I think of my grandparents who had no such devices. Actually, we didn't even have a telephone when I was young. We had to go to the red phone box down the road, pop in a few pennies, and dial.

There was a freedom. We were not in touch with hundreds of people every day. In the office in the 60s and 70s and even 80s, we corresponded by letter which usually got to its destination in one day, unless it was to another community or country. And then of course, in the late 80s and 90s there was the fax machine.

What is missing now is time. Everything is instant. And as the article above explains, distracting humanity from simply being, with constant distractions preventing all users from being able to focus. And that also is most noticeable in drivers and on the highways. Distracted. Not focussed.

So when does the back-peddling start?

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