Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Earth Day 2017 - The Day the Wind Changed

This year for Earth Week I was invited to Okanagan Falls Elementary School where, in a school assembly, we featured my new storybook and song, The Day the Wind Changed, followed by hopes and wishes for Mother Earth. The following is the video of the event, filmed by students with still photos by my 90-year-old cousin Ken.

You can view the video at:

And also at

The students brought the story to life, with NO REHEARSAL... just reading from scripts. It was amazing.

Thanks go to Ms. McCall, principal, to all the staff and students at Okanagan Falls Elementary... you are just awesome!

The new song is now available and is partly included in the video. Thanks go to Leeza LeClare who provided harmony, and Zak Eburne of Odyssey Sound Services in Grand Forks. NEXT will be the read-along and sing-along videos... coming this summer.

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