Saturday, January 21, 2017

There is Hope! - The Day the Wind Changed

I sit here, my heart aching, with tears in my eyes and being. People around the world are marching at this very moment to support human rights for all, to support the use of renewable energy, and much more, with the biggest of those marches heading towards the Capitol in Washington. It's the first real day of Donald Trumps presidency and already he has taken action to support coal energy, and removed from the federal web site all those things to do with climate change, human rights, and more. He has already signed an executive order to end what has become called Obama Care... a form of health insurance for all Americans. Yes, I feel very, very sad.
The snow is coming down here in the mountains so I am not driving anywhere to participate in any march. There is one in Grand Forks, BC, where I live. Instead I have chosen to wear blue, from head to foot, for I feel blue... and I am heading to the drawing board to finally begin the illustrations for The Day the Wind Changed. That will be my contribution to the energy that is being created around the world in support of Human Rights, Women's Rights, renewable energy, and more, for the story is about a girl called Hope who brings her community together The Day The Wind Changed.
When listening to Trump this past year I have found him to be a total example of what I have always thought of many Americans (until I grew up and got to know many who are not) as being arrogant, loud, confrontive, dominating, and so forth. Trump in my eyes, my mind, my gut, is all those things and more. I do not see dignity or diplomacy. And so I feel very sad that Americans elected him in.
When he spoke of 'American carnage', about putting America first. He fails to say it was Americans and the greed of industry and corporations for cheaper labour that sent industry and manufacturing to China and Mexico and other countries, where labour could be bought really cheap and therefore improve their profit. (The same has happened in Canada.) So Mr. Trump, look at the origins of the problem... your own corporate world. I wonder if Mr. Trump has anything in his possession that is Made In China?
And as for supporting the coal industry, the rest of the world is working on obtaining energy from renewable resources. Tut, tut, Mr. Trump. This is a time when we should be working together as One World to improve the conditions of the planet and all life upon it... NOT... America First...
And so, I sit here watching the snow come down... and head from the drawing board to bring Hope to life. And I send blessings to all those who are marching.
In gratitude and sadness,

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