Monday, January 30, 2017


Dear Reader,

Today I am in more grief... more tears... as news of an attack on a mosque in Quebec fills the airwaves. Six are dead, many more injured. This follows in the wake of an Executive Order from the new US President Trump, denying entry to the US to people from 7 nations of Muslim majority. These are 7 nations the US has interfered with in their audacity. Refugee programs are cancelled.

People have been taken in airports, families separated, there is confusion, anger, fear for all Muslims, for travellers, for people with duo-citizenship and passports. All this in Trump's mind to deal with terrorism and to protect the people of the United States - to fulfil his political platform.

And now it is in Canada... an attack. So sad, so sad...

Trump has put a gag on scientists, supported coal energy, removed the national health plan, is putting up a wall between Mexico and the US, and withdrawn many civil rights, denied climate change, approved two controversial pipelines... and pushing for Made in USA... and that in just one week.
It is all political.

While the rest of the world is working towards peace, unity, harmony... helping others... and the planet, and Trump, in one week, is destroying all that.

Sorry, I just had to say something.
I know very few people read my blog, but at least I have it out there... I went off Facebook and Facebook actually removed my Timeline after I said I would be going off... so this Big Brother thing is very real.

I pray for peace...
What can we do as individuals? Hold on to the positive of life, come from love.


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