Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"One Seed" released as FREE PDF-E-Book, MP3 and Video

At last! It's SPRING in the northern hemisphere and "One Seed" the story and song, has now been released as a FREE PDF-E-Book, MP3 and Video ( just in time for seed sowing and preparations for growing summer gardens.

The FREE PDFs are in English, French, Persian and also English-Persian. The English PDF has been revised to include the educational element as in the One Seed Video, as seen on YouTube - with images of seeds, of seeds as ideas, and also examples from the Kids Art Gallery (

The "One Seed" story and song are also available FREE as the Read-along and Sing-along MP3s for your computer and iPad, iPhones and so forth.

The educational "One Seed Video" that now has over 575,000 viewings, is also available as a FREE download, along with the "One Seed Sing-along Video".

On the web pages at you can also see links to the lyrics, actions for children, and the sheet music.

As retired UK teacher Christine Carruthers prophetically said in 2002,  One Seed is; "A simple story about life which children and adults the world over will treasure - and the seed will be sown in many a classroom and home..."

And another story, "The Whales' Secret" illustrated by Julie Draper is also released as a FREE PDF-E-Book. (

Enjoy - and Happy Spring!

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