Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spring is coming!

What a wonderful few months it has been here in my new home in Winter Wonderland. While most of Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada, has green grass showing, up here in the high country above the town, there's still piles of snow, but it's melting fast. The snow this winter has been wonderful, picture-book scenes with the trees heavily laden and white everywhere.
I did get to stand under Great Grandmother Cedar yesterday and feel her energy, in anticipation of the new life that will be coming in the next few weeks... The spring flower bulbs are still under a good couple of feet of snow, but the rain is washing that all away. I'm so excited to see what will be coming up, in this garden at my new home. It's going to be an early spring.
Yes, loving being here. Grateful to be here.
And watch for changes to the web site here... in the next couple of weeks.
I'm smiling!

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