Monday, August 27, 2018

Reworking Quills Quotes & Notes

Well, after some major changes with security certificates, and after a few years of deliberation, I've finally got started on redoing the web site. Of course it's been a great way to stay out of the smoke.
I realized I needed to change around the words Quills Quotes and Notes.
Now Quills represents all the publications, little books and so forth.
Quotes is for all the Interview Articles I've done over the years and have posted on the web site - great artists from across North America.
And Notes of course represents the musical side of things, and of course, all the songs and recordings.

These things are finally in place now, but it's slow slogging, one page at a time in HTML.
It will no doubt be a couple of months before the whole site is complete, with new colours, side bar with content and more. I like the new look and I hope visitors will too.

That's to

So far I have One Seed completed and a few other titles.

I hope you like how it's coming along.

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