Wednesday, September 24, 2014

United Nations International Day of Peace - and UN Climate Summit

Well I was out there on the Highway on Sunday, September 21 for four hours... with placards and balloons... for peace and for action regarding climate - joining in with the hundreds of thousands around the world who were taking to the streets. I was on my own most of the time, setting up etc... but a couple travelling through helped at the beginning, and then my neighbour Jackie came along for a while. It was HOT, really HOT.
There was lots of traffic - holiday people, people passing through from here to there, and transports, RVs, etc... People smiled as they drove by, honked, made the peace sign, some just didn't see, some ignored, some even drove around to avoid me... and one chap even drove by slowly just shaking his head at me... go figure! Many of the license plates going by were from Alberta - Canada's oil capital.
And, so as not to be using fossil fuels to get to the location, I made a little cart and wheeled everything down. I say down, because it was downhill going there. Afterwards, in the extreme heat of the day, Jackie (who does not like having her photo taken) and I struggled to wheel it back up the hill and home... It was a heavy load with concrete blocks to hold up some of the placards. And here are some photos of signs etc...


And let us not forget the original reason for being there on Sunday, September 21 - for World Peace! Cheers, Rosemary

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