Saturday, August 9, 2014

The biggest problem on Planet Earth

Hi Folks,
I'm off this evening to perform for the Nagasaki Hiroshima Day Memorial in Gyro Park in Grand Forks, BC (7 p.m.). JJ Verigin of the USCC (Dukhobour Community) invited me to participate with a few songs. So I've been going through my binders to find something appropriate. I've decided on Tears ( I haven't sung it in a good number of years.

There's so much greed, avarice, anger, violence, etc. going on that I get quite disillusioned with life. How about you? So I live life, one day at a time, giving gratitude for what I have, where I live, the freedom I have, and still have hope. So YES, I will be singing There is Hope...
( - has a free download).

The biggest problem I feel at this time on Planet Earth is population - too many humans. Everyone needs to be fed. But again, there is the issue of greed and control - as those who have get more and more and those who have-not receive less and less. What is the answer?

Nature is in danger, not just from pollution but from humans invading out-back terrain - as they invest in fancy vehicles (promoted by our automobile industry that still hasn't made the appropriate steps of producing vehicles that don't use gasoline) that can take rough roads, and noisy All-Terrain-Vehicles and snow-mobiles that take humans into wilderness - with potential to destroy natural habitats.

I'm told we have to watch for invasive plant and water-life species (like mussels) in our pristine area (Christina Lake BC) that gets invaded by tourists every summer, who ply the lake with gas-using  polluting boats, party hardy, and disrupt Nature.

I figure as long as there are humans there are invasive species. Right?

Is there hope?

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