Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One Seed Kids Art coming from across North America

Hi Folks,
I'm actually backed-up now... with a pile of art from different schools, one in Colorado and one in Virginia. I just posted a group of kids drawings from Abbotsford, British Columbia, here in Canada and finally figured out a way to make it easier for visitors to see where the art comes from. My simle computer has provided me with a simple HTML solution (I got the little gray cells working) with an index in the side-bar. It just took a bit of figuring out, a couple of hours of intensive focus, and VOILA... it is done.
Check it out... www.oneseedkidsart.com and see all the incredible creations from children of all ages, and from different continents.
Every picture has a story. I can see in each the thoughts of each child, how they see the story of One Seed. Mrs. Karen Winford of Branson, Colorado, US writes... "Thank you for sharing the One Seed story. Our K-2 class really enjoyed watching (the YouTube video), listening, and drawing (multiple times!) We sang it often before school was out. The students asked me to send their art to you for your art gallery, so I have included 9 drawings. Thank you for making a difference in the students' lives."
My reply to Mrs. Winford is - IT"S THE TEACHERS who make the difference!
I shall be getting to posting the drawings as soon as I have them all scanned.
And the same goes for the gorgeous collection from Springfield, Virgina. John Nolan has written a heart-touching letter on how he promised the children he would send their art along. They too will be up in the gallery in the next couple of weeks.
Thank you so much all teachers who have sent art, and parents and family members. The gallery is really growing.
In gratitude

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